Fishing Trips

We have our own private small dingy boat (4 people max), fully equipped with the best professional fishing gear available.  Wayan Deppy is not only the designer of Lullaby Bungalows, but is also the one who will take you, show you and even teach you what fishing is all about. He will give you a great fishing experience along the coast line of the Bukit, our back yard. Price is Rp.400.000 for as long as you like it.

Booking a fishingtrip in advance is however not possible as weather conditions are most important. When staying at Lullaby Bungalows, feel free to ask our staff what the options are for that day or the day(s) after.

Or: a romantic sunset cruise

A Sunset Ocean cruise with skipper along the coast here in the south, is without a doubt a breathtaking and mesmerizing dessert of your afternoon. Fun and romantic, both is guaranteed.